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Originally Posted by shenton View Post
I had two main concerns when I was there:
1) Runbox 7 never seems to come out of Beta which is very worrying
2) When using the Runbox 6 interface, drag and drop never seemed to work properly.... it often took a few attempts and you had to position the mouse pointer very precisely. Back then, Runbox 7 wasn't really useable.
My comments, not that different to those made by FredOnline>
1) I'm not bothered about RB7, from my (admittedly limited) experience with it I see no reason to stop using RB6.
2) if drag and drop isn't your favourite mode of working, you can Switch to Runbox Basic (at the very bottom of the page, on the left). Tick the square box next to the message, then tick the round box next to the destination folder, and the message is moved.

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