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Up to date testimonials?

Hi all. Is anyone here using Runbox at the moment? It seems very quiet.

I was using them until approximately 2 years ago and then jumped ship to Fastmail. I've had no issues with Fastmail but I really like Runbox as a company and I am thinking of switching back.

I had two main concerns when I was there:
1) Runbox 7 never seems to come out of Beta which is very worrying
2) When using the Runbox 6 interface, drag and drop never seemed to work properly.... it often took a few attempts and you had to position the mouse pointer very precisely. Back then, Runbox 7 wasn't really useable.

Anyway, I'd love to support them. Has anyone got any up-to-date comments at the moment?


P.S. If anyone from Runbox reads this, I was thinking of getting a Micro account to trial it. Could I then upgrade to the 3 years for the price of 2 medium account and recoup my outlay?
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