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I don’t know which email system you are using, since you posted in the general “Email Help Needed!” forum. So I’m going to respond with respect to Fastmail (which has a sub-forum here).

There is no reason to escape a semicolon in a string in a Sieve rule. But the backslash character is ignored in your C-style attempt at adding a new line character (which is not needed). So when I use your rule in a Fastmail Sieve script, the automatically generated reply is:
Your message was automatically rejected by Sieve, a mail
filtering language.

The following reason was given:
Do not attach to this email; attach your article to a NEW emailn
So if you remove the backshash n it works fine for me. The reject message is properly sent as shown to the sender. When you say that the reject message doesn’t work, what exactly did you mean?

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