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Best way to back up Gmail account?

I use Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos as my main email, file handling, and photo storage solutions, and they work very, very, well. However, being prudent, I like to have backups of everything. Due to my current job/living situation I am unable to maintain local backups of anything on a regular basis so I need to have a cloud-based backup solution. What I am doing now is to utilize another Gmail account to share my email, files, and photos, but that still leaves me entirely dependent on Google services. I would prefer to possibly utilize say an account to mirror my email and files, and possibly the photos if I purchased additional storage. Does anyone do something like this, and does it work well? I have tried to get to import my rather large (5GB) Gmail store, but it doesn't seem to work properly. Most of the Gmail is now in Archive or Sent, as I keep a minimal Inbox with just a few pending items. never seems to import the Archive, no matter what settings I try. How to do this? Or, is there a better cloud-based backup system you use?
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