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Spoofing the From address

Maybe I am having a "senior moment" but for some reason I cannot figure out a way to spoof the sender name and address in my FM webmail. I use a forwarding service to hide my real email address. In my FM identity you can set the reply-to address so that would be my forwarding service. But I can't figure out how to set the name and address you want to appear in the From: that a recipient will see.

Thunderbird has it's identity settings where you can set the name, From email address, and reply-to address you want to appear in the email you send for that account. I think most email clients have this. Even something as brain dead as yahoo webmail and I believe gmail has this ability too.

Aliases don't work since I can't specify my desired domain. I tried setting up an identity for the forwarding service email address but specifying the FM POP/SMTP servers. That ends up with undelivered failure error reports.

So is there no way to spoof the From (sender) info that a recipient will see?


Update a little later....

Never mind, got the additional send identity to work after all. Needed to set it's reply-to to the spoofed address and I accidentally had set "send using an external SMTP server" checked which obviously produced a loop and the resulting undelivered failure error reports. Not exactly the most obvious way (to me) to spoof but it appears to work in my brief testing at least. Fetch identity makes sense I guess when you stop to think about it.

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