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Originally Posted by Dutchie007 View Post
Tell you do NOT need a cellphone number to open a new Yandex account..!!!
Did you try it?
But I think the "west" is closing its internet borders for Russian IT services; we can discuss if this is legit or not....thats my opinion. Yandex has offices in Switserland,Germany and the Netherlands...pretty soon they MIGHT have also servers located fe in Norway or in Iceland or other European countries...would NOT surprise me at all.

In theory, I do not need the phone. But practically, you can not use your mailbox without being "validated". regardless of this, I added the phone, but the mailbox was still inactive.

No, the West is not closing digital (and non-digital) borders with Russia. This is Russian set of laws that actually makes usage of Russian digital services impossible for non-Russians.
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