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Wee, we've got an upgraded forum!

Well, after several false starts, this forum is running on an updated version of vBulletin.

As well as some cosmetic changes (posts fill the screen width; the page layout is a bit simpler; etc.), you should now find that you have space for 100 PM (private messages) rather than the old limit of 70. There are also better tools for writing and editing messages, and tons of other goodies that I haven't even finished exploring myself yet!

I know that the "Representative of:" information is currently missing - I will be working hard to get this restored in the next day or so.

If you notice any problems or issues other than the ones already flagged above, please post! I'd also welcome general feedback...

ADDENDUM: I believe anywhere between 2 and 5 posts were lost during the upgrade. Apologies to those affected, but they've gone to the Great Bit Bucket in the Sky.
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