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OK, i just found this - since the search function doesn't work here - and i just posted about the mangled email text when trying to correct too. What ive been forced to resort to is typing out my email elsewhere and then cut and pasting it into the fastmail app. As for using a different email app to get my fastmails, so far I've been unsuccessful in making any work. Try another keyboard like the default or blackberry (if i can find it)? Maybe. Or maybe I'll just go back to a free email.

Thread on same subject:

I don't recall having a problem like this when Fastmail was free. I always used free emails before, up until now, including good old free Fastmail. Can someone remind me why I am now paying for email? I forgot.

As I mentioned before, the best email ever for me was the original old time Yahoo before they started messing with it. Free Fastmail seemed functional and simple and FAST too, but I only used to use it as a peripheral email, and now that one is gone. I was using Outlook email before and then I got mad at it and came here, but I'll probably go back to one of the free ones. Mostly I'm on Android these days.
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