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On Google/LG Nexus 5, this mangling of text happens all the time and has been a constant curse since I have used the Android Fastmail app, years now.

When replying, or when composing a new email, it makes text corrections and insertions a nightmare. For anyone who hasn't actually seen this buggy behaviour, it is hard to describe how bizarre and unpredictable it is. Character insertions happen at unexpected places away from where you are typing, words get oddly mangled, lines get broken, and there is no way to undo the corrupted changes. I frequently have to abandon the message and start again.

This combined with the fact that the app takes 10 seconds of displaying wavy patterns to start up, and frequently another 10 seconds to access and display an updated inbox, makes it the slowest app on the handset.

Another oddity is that the Fastmail Android app, both via mobile connection and wifi connection, is frequently inexplicably unable to connect to its server. I get "cannot connect to server - retryring" ALL the time while other apps on the handset can connect and function perfectly normally. The "cannot connect" can persist for as long as minutes at a time.

In comparison, the Gmail app opens in about a second and the inbox updates a second or two after that.

The final curse of the Fastmail Android app is that, in marginal signal areas, it erroneously reports that the login password is wrong and demands I re-enter it. This happens all the time when driving in marginal signal areas, and what fun it is to be at some rural truckstop trying to enter a 30-character master password on the handset. It assumes that a failure to log in means that the password (which has been correct for ages) is suddenly wrong. Gmail never does this, not once.

I don't often speak up and I have one very specific use case which keeps me using the Fastmail service for a small proportion of email tasks, but frankly I suffer and fume all the time. I can see that the FM team tries and does a lot of work, but the overall functionality is just way behind the big providers and that's what we need to accept in order to use it.
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