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Using the webapp on my Android browser was working well. However, for the last few weeks I have been using an open-source app on F-Droid, called "WebApps Version v2.12.1".

Only works with https sites. You can save or remove any WebApp to the app's bookmarked list. You can also create shortcuts for use on the home screen. The app blocks 3rd party requests by default (can be changed on a site by site basis). You can choose what User Agent you want and change the font size, both specifically for each webapp.

I have created separate webapps for my Calendar, Inbox, Folders other than Inbox, Files and Notes.

Some Android launchers allow you to specify swipe actions. Eg my dock has a shortcut for my Inbox webapp. I set a swipe down action on this shortcut to open Notes from FM. In my app list, I set a swipe action for my File Manager icon, which opens the FM Files webapp.

Not suitable for those who want notifications of emails arriving!!

This app allows me to get an FM-app-like experience but with more customisation + shortcuts.
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