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Originally Posted by blurk View Post
Anyway, I have a further update. I removed all the addheader commands from my live FastMail copy of the Sieve script, and it's still not setting any flags. Copy the same script into the Sieve tester and it claims it will add the flag.
Strange. After I posted my "what effect does \Flagged have?" I added the following into my sieve code at the very end where anything that gets that far would be destined for the inbox.

if allof(true, header :contains "Subject" "test") {
  addflag "\\Flagged";
  addheader "X-Sieve" "x";
  fileinto "INBOX.test";
And the test email was pinned and had the X-Sieve line in it.

Oddly though when I tested just this with sieve tester I got no results at all! I think that's a sieve tester bug. The addheader confuses it.
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