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Originally Posted by xyzzy View Post
...I didn't even know you could do searches like that! Just looked a the FM search doc. Cool. Thanks for the example...
Oops I made a slight syntax mistake (now corrected in my post). The original search string worked, but I meant to include the training single quote ' before the double quote ". You don't need a space between ' and ", but I added it so you could tell them apart.
Originally Posted by xyzzy View Post
...Very hard? If they are in the contacts how could they be placed in the spam box in the first place? The sieve code tests X-Spam-Known-Sender before it even gets a chance to sort into the spam box. Are there cases where FM doesn't insert a X-Spam-Known-Sender header?...
There are rare cases where the sender appears to be spoofed (such as DMARC failure), so X-Spam-Known-Sender is forced to no even if the address is in your contacts list.

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