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Originally Posted by PON View Post
Thanks, I thought there was a list but couldn't remember for sure.

What about conducting a poll on what we value most?

For me one of the most important features is the ability to sort by nickname in the old addressbook (it's used to hold a number, not a nickname).

However there are quite a few differences. Old UI allows import of addresses into distribution lists. Last time I tried the new didn't.

Tagging contacts to add them to a list was handy in the old UI. In the new one, it's adding lists to a contact. Both are valid. Shame to have one without the other.

But some of the differences should be fixable quickly: e.g., the lack of a count for records in distribution lists in the new UI.
Caveat: I have never used the classic interface since the current one was the default when I joined FastMail.
  • I would think that sorting by nickname should be easy.
  • The ability to tag contacts and add to a list does exist. Check each one and then select the group.
  • Import into a group does not exist. This will require 2 steps: import followed by group assignment.
  • The group member counts are in the group list in settings. Probably makes sense to add them to the sidebar or at the bottom of the contacts for that group like the folder counts in email.
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