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Originally Posted by janusz View Post
Why are you surprised? How can virus and/or spam filtering work without scanning the message content?

And what this has to do with EuMx having been partially down on 15 May (or at any other time)?
1) If you are using "content" obsessively and hyperliterally to mean anything about the message other than metadata, then there is no point in attempting to answer your oddly dyspeptic query. Common sense, however, would indicate that virus scanning, while of course it must "look" at the body of the message, does so on a purely technical level and is not performed on a linguistically "aware" level that is programmed to "understand" the meaning of the words and can be set to flag words with supposedly sexual connotations (or political ones, or anything else that those controlling the scan are interested in, to ferret out and suppress whatever is proscribed according to their Weltanschauung).

2) Since there was a current EuMx thread going, it seemed tidier simply to add to it (since the message in question originated there), rather than start a brand new thread. Why was this choice bothersome or annoying to you (as it is reasonable to assume it must have been, as your question clearly implies that my doing it this way was somehow irrelevant to the thread)?
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