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glad to be here

I've emailed the Fastmail webmasters Jeremy and Rob, and it was suggested to me that I put my comments on the forum to share with anyone new who may be considering signing up with Fastmail. Below are some comments taken from my emails to Jeremy and Rob:

"I am a former Visto user. I am one of those you rescued. There is no way to say how grateful I am for the care you have shown us. Especially developing the tool for "detach to folder" for the attachments was a life saver.

"Over the last several days, as I have used my new account and had some time to read the FAQs, I have come to appreciate everything about your service even more. I don't know very much about technology, but the little I have picked up has helped me understand (on the fringes of understanding) some of what I've read on the forum threads. I feel very safe here.

"One more comment--I notice on the forum threads, you (Jeremy) have sometimes mentioned not getting too technical for the newbies. I have to say
that I very much like to read all the tech stuff. Even if I don't fully understand it, I feel that I will somehow absorb it by osmosis! ;-) For example, I have read technical comments on mailing lists, and from that I picked up a kind of sense of what things mean. When I saw Perl mentioned in a couple threads, I thought, 'hmm, they might be using Linux' (which to me is a very good thing!) [That's just a guess--no one has mentioned specifially whether Linux is used in creating and maintaining the service.] It was one of the factors that made me feel safe and like these are people who really know what they are doing.

"I'm afraid my complete enthusiasm for Fastmail has not come through as strongly as I feel it. I plan to recommend this service to everyone. I've already been recommending it whenever I email anyone.

I'm feeling very at home here, like this is more of a community or even family than just a service.

Thanks for your responsiveness and everything about Fastmail--you are appreciated!" :-D

I plan to at least become a member, and possibly get a paid account. I don't need more than the basic service, but I want to support the Fastmail service and make sure it stays viable. And I'm just plain grateful! ;-)

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