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Fastmail...well what can i say when i hear it blogged about constantly on ABC radio computer help...It is not only the best but fastest email...ditch your isp other email can do handstands like fm....well i had to try it ...and i did...ages ago but never used it much as a guest i upgraded to member and i am pretty impressed. I had a few issues with reading my mail using IMAP with Outlook but simply made a few rules there that does a magical mystery tour of transporting all my emails to Outlook Personals and now i can delete and view sent mails and have pretty much same access as i did with my isp accounts...but i have double back up cos i have an account that saves everything until i want to spurn it...oooooh the joys of such power ;-)
I am still a newbie at this ...but i will continue to investigate...but so far...i give thumbs up.
Cheers F.M
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