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Ah yes,and i only found this thread by chance i dident get an email saying there was a new post?umm

Actualy i quite like fastmail, it works very well and i never get spam,yet

Is fastmail a huge company like yahoo?? or dose it just do email,? Im amazed when i dig a bit into companies to find them sometimes part of HUGE and bad company

Such as perrir (fizzy water) is owned by Nestllys---they want to make more profit by reducing the staff by 60%!!!

email portable telephones owned by brown and root!!!etc


I just dicoverd again if i leave my CD rom in the sun it goes a funny shape and wont go into the CD player

Today i really discoverd how really really good fmail is , i m now sure its one one the best certainly one of the very best 3 email providers anywhere-- fastmail just really clear fast and just good


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