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I have been using fusemail and have changed to FastMail.

Fusemail is gourgous. The windows have lots of ICONs and great graphics. It is a work of art. Fast Mail is like and blocky.

But if you are using a modem to get your mail either at home or on the road Fusemail is painfully slow. For example to go from your inbox to your sent mail folder and back to your inbox requires a whopping 160k bytes of data transfer. To do the same thing with FastMail it takes 16k. I have found that these actually represent the differnace in time it takes to download a new page in both email programs; fusemail will take 20-25 seconds to change a page an FastMail takes 2-2.5 seconds.

Plus FastMail, with their new program, is cheaper.

Fusemail does have a calendar.

Fusemail does have an advantage that it will check your pop accounts more often, but you should always tell your pop accounts to forward your mail to your fusemail/fastmail account so that this feature is never used.

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