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Re: Thumbs Up FM

Originally posted by Jensen
The Support:

I formulated a very polite email playing up the "paid my money" aspect, in the grim hope of a reply. I was about to hit the sack thinking I would get a reply in a few days at best, when I get the reply saying "no problem the rename setting is reset". I was dumbstruck this is not normal. On top of this and prior I was trying to find a more suitable name when I inadvertantly registered the name I was after under a seperate account which i did not pursue. I thought that FM must have me on the "not financially viable" list by now but thought I harass them anyway to get this other name I was after. I hit the hay that time thinking it was not physically possible for me to continue at that point. Next day though I found my newly named account waiting for me. Wallaaa Problem solved once again. I did have only one other hassle, that being with my SMPT settings on OE but resolved that after properly reading the FM FAQ section. Read those FAQ's properly.
Heh, I can relate! When I first signed up, I was about to go overseas for a week, and so I forwarded all my mail from other accounts to Fastmail, so I could read it while I was away. Like a dumbass, I forgot to exclude the domain from this forwarding, thus creating a mail loop. I didn't find this out until a couple days later, when I logged into my Fastmail account, to see a message telling me I had been locked out for diskspace and bandwidth abuse, to the tune of 60,000 messages in half a day, or something totally outrageous like that...

I immediately crafted a note, explaining about the mail loop, and apologizing for what basically amounted to an unintentional denial of service attack on them(!). I didn't really expect to hear back, and I thought I would just not have access to my mail for the duration of my trip. Much to my surprise, I got a mail back saying that my account had been unlocked, and to feel free to log in and clear out the looped messages. Half an hour of continuous deleting later, and I was back in business. They always respond to tech problems. Some of the best support I've ever had, from *any* kind of company. I've got 2 accounts with them, and I've got all my friends signing up with them, too.

Oh, yeah - and they're the only web based email provider I know that even gives you the option of encrypting the entire session using https!
out there. If you read this and you are thinking about going with FM just do it, you won't regret it. By the way Jeremy and Rob you are rock stars.
Rock on, Fastmail! ;-)

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