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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
In my line of work, I deal with many companies worldwide.

Today, looking through a list of jobs, one immediately caught my eye:

"Gondwana Forest Products"

Now, any longstanding EMD forum member would (well I did!) immediately think of everyone's favorite Fastmail CEO and forum member, Bron Gondwana!

This company is supplying "Coolibah Caps" to a UK company.

A spell of googling followed, in which I learned about:


Gondwana Rainforests

Gondwana Kingdom

Where would we be without Google or Wikipedia!
My kids both sang in Gondwana Voices for a couple of years... that was interesting!

There's also a clothing brand. I had a very nice "Gondwana" brand jacket for a while but I lost it at LAX last time I was transiting through
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