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1) There is witty sarcasm and there is sarcasm that is bitter, rude, uncalled for, irrelevant to the matter at hand, and clearly the result of personal animosity and nothing else. I leave it to the previous posters (and anyone with manners and a modicum of good sense) to decide whether the kind involved here was something one could or should "appreciate."

2) The supposedly "off topic" post was not about a "Hungarian Lab" (which was mentioned in passing), but was about a message sent from EumX being marked as spam because of the presence in the text of a single innocently used word. The thread did concern EuMx. The post may have been tangential, but not completely "off topic." Would you prefer a brand new thread for every post, with no effort to keep things even slightly tidy?

3) I do not need or appreciate being told to "chill." I am not that easily offended, but I certainly know gratuitous rudeness and terrible manners and the fruit of pointless grudges and ill temper when I see it. I don't tolerate that sort of behavior from ten-year-olds and I won't tolerate it from adults who act like ten-year-olds either. I see the tradition of always blaming the injured party is alive and well.

I send thanks to those earlier posters who understood and who said helpful things which I appreciated. It was sad to read that several do not post here any more because of this sort of thing. I feel the same way. Perhaps the mods should take note, or this forum is in even more trouble than is obvious already from the declining participation and other factors.
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