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Originally Posted by Berenburger View Post
This all makes me . Janusz often has a sarcastic tone. I don't know why. I do appreciate his messages about Eumx and Runbox and respect him as an old and valued member of this forum. I hope he comes to understanding.

I know this is going off-topic a bit and apologies for doing so, but the mods on this forum take the hands-off approach, of which I applaud, but there are simmering tensions underneath that need to be dealt with, otherwise we arrive at what we see today. Janusz has been allowed to get away with all sorts, and the lack of proactive moderation means he can say what he likes without any comeback, and so he continues to annoy people unchecked. There's no doubt that he provides valuable input to this forum, and long may he continue to do so, but he needs to chill and stop antagonising other members.

I live by the adage if you have nothing useful to say, shut it.
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