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Originally Posted by brong View Post
If it's within the same customer, then the alias is owned by the customer so it's fine. Otherwise... you'll have to create a specific sending identity and verify it. It's enough of an edge case that I'd be tempted to say "change how you're doing things. Maybe by setting up an "SMTP ONLY" app password and having user2 send authenticated back to fastmail as user1 when using that identity.
The main use case is where you cover for someone else, and want to be able to reply to emails copied to you, having the reply go back to the original sender. In this kind of situation, the wildcard identity is actually more important for the user who is not the owner of the alias. While slightly inconvenient, the alias owner could set up specific sending aliases as necessary, but this is not going to be a reasonable workflow for occasional cover for a colleague. Yes, if they are combined under the same customer umbrella account, it will probably work out, but there are legitimate cases where this is not the reality.
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