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The "e" in e-mail
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Originally Posted by brong View Post
We're in the process of verifying all the identities that people use, so that we can turn on stricter controls over sending (not allow email through our servers if the connection is authenticated as user A but the email claims to be from user B).

Eventually if you have a wildcard sending identity at one of our domains, your send will be rejected unless you use one of the specific aliases that you actually own within that domain - you won't be able to send as an arbitrary address in that domain which you haven't claimed.
Thank you for chiming in. This all seems reasonable, but there is an edge case that could be an issue.

Consider an alias for a colleague's account, where you are also allowed to send on behalf of that alias You both choose to have a wildcard sending identity of * Now, this will not be an issue for user1, but I assume your plan is to forbid this for user2.
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