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Originally Posted by shenton View Post
Hi all. Is anyone here using Runbox at the moment? It seems very quiet.

I was using them until approximately 2 years ago and then jumped ship to Fastmail. I've had no issues with Fastmail but I really like Runbox as a company and I am thinking of switching back.

I had two main concerns when I was there:
1) Runbox 7 never seems to come out of Beta which is very worrying
2) When using the Runbox 6 interface, drag and drop never seemed to work properly.... it often took a few attempts and you had to position the mouse pointer very precisely. Back then, Runbox 7 wasn't really useable.

Anyway, I'd love to support them. Has anyone got any up-to-date comments at the moment?
I've got a Mini Account, paid up until October 2025.

I don't, however, use that as my main account - for that I use Fastmail. Primarily because the number of personal domains allowed far exceeds the five I'm currently allowed in Runbox (I can add extra domains but at extra cost) and I also use Fastmail to host my personal/hobby websites.

Oh, and the Fastmail web interface is rather good.

I would officially class the Runbox web interface as "quirky" - the CitroŽn DS of the e-mail world!

Regarding your concerns:

1) I prefer to use RB6 instead of RB7, however I mostly use Thunderbird on my PC or Aqua Mail Pro on my Android 'phone via IMAP. I'm not particularly bothered how long it takes for RB7 to replace RB6.

2) If you hover your cursor over the subject, a "Tip: Drag subject to a folder" appears, click on the subject and drag away.

The Runbox support is, IMHO, a big plus.
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