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Originally Posted by redge View Post
The outstanding question is whether to use Apple's or FastMail's Contact and Calendar functions. I haven't quite figured out the implications either way. Given that we'll be using iCloud for storage and sharing, I also haven't decided whether there is a role for FastMail's Files storage function. My gut sense, perhaps wrong, is that it is a bit anachronistic in an age of ubiquitous cloud storage.
Useful contribution, thank you.

A few small remarks. Pay attention, iCloud is basically a syncing service, not really a cloud storage service. FM's file storage is a 'nice to have', but unsuitable for modern sharing files. The same applies to the website feature. Syncing calendars between FM and iCloud is very easy to do (just login with your iCloud account) and works flawless. Contacts are not as easy as Calendar. You need to deal with CardDAV settings.

Keep reviewing.
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