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Red face does windows clipboard really exist?

alright you wonderful devoted forum-goers! I have one little problem. recently i was browsing through extensions for the Firefox browser, and saw that several of them created some sort of added functionality of accessibility using "the clipboard." I proceeded to try to find out what clipboard they meant, and upon failing finding any sort of clipboard feature in firefox i searched through the windows accessories, system tools, etc. I found nothing, even after using the windows search to find anything with the word "clipboard." I found nothing. I then checked what windows components i had installed/uninstalled and saw that windows clipboard was toggled as installed. just to make sure, I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it using "add/remove windows components" but this availed to nothing.

I know i have taken a long time to ask a simple question, so here is my point: Does the windows clipboard really exist? If so, how can I get to it. If not... then I guess i will download some 3rd party thing. Thank you all for listening

- great_sea
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