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Arrow Discard messages sent to certain aliases unless whitelisted

You can discard all messages sent to one or more aliases (unless they are whitelisted) as follows:
  • Go to the Advanced>Rules>Discard tab
  • Create discard rule(s) as follows:
    • Message with: To/Cc/Bcc
    • That: Contains
    • The text: {alias address you wish to discard}
    • Click Add
    • You can add additional aliases if you wish
    • Be sure to enable Skip reject rules on known sender near the bottom of the screen
    • Click Save changes
    • Click Apply all changes at the top
All messages sent to those specific aliases will be discarded unless any of these is true:
  • The sender address is in the online address book
  • The message is sent by Fastmail staff manually or automatically
  • The secret word (defined on the discard page) is included in the subject or the To address
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