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Thanks TenFour.

I will try with namesilo and I will add the domain to my Fastmail account. I see it's very cheap now and they even have the option to choose Fastmail when registering the domain .

Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
Porkbun offers .com domains for $8.84 a year, and other domains for less. I think they are one of the lowest for regular pricing, but you can often find special offers from companies like Namesilo. They both are reliable and offer good service, in my experience. Zoho offers free email at your own domain. You can receive email at your own domain using forwarding, and then can send using regular free Gmail with a limit of 100 emails sent per day using Gmail's SMTP server. Personally, I think you have to factor in many other things beyond price alone for email, but you make your own choices.
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