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Well, I've been playing around with my new Fastmail account for a few days now, and I'm crazy about it. Fast and reliable are the bottom line. If you don't have that, as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter what else you do have, and Fastmail has those covered well.

A few other things that are really exceptional:

The ability to use different personalities and send things out from your own domain name or varioius domains all from this one account. Although that seems to be something that could be abused, it's also invaluable for legitimate reasons and Fastmail says they've got they're not worried about the abuse angle, so it's an answer to a lot of problems for me.

As another poster mentioned - the bounce button. It's better than a filter. I love it..really love it.

The ability to use custom.css if your browser supports it. I'm just starting to play with that one. I have one mostly done that I'm going to use while at work. It's too similar to sandy blue which someone already did to bother offering it up as a regular choice, but I'm trying to make it look as much like the SAP screen as posible because we use SAP at work. With a little more tweaking my personal e-mail screen will look like production work. Then I'm going to work on a more "fun" look for home. What could be better? BTW, if anyone else is using SAP at work and would like to have a look after it's done - like at least a few days after Xmas, let me know.

The poll messages works really well, too. Since I'm using a notifier for several accounts I'm not depending on it yet, but it seems sufficient if you're having everything sent to Fastmail.

And of course there's the fact that it's being done by people who not only seem sincere and who know what they're getting into, they seem to be capable, relatively unflappable which is very important in this kind of thing and they have a real plan as well as obviously knowing what they're doing. I chose webhosting for several accounts on that basis and haven't had reason to be sorry, so I'm hoping that this will be the same.

Right now, I'm using ureach and am signed up for webhosts, domain and all kinds of things with that address, so I'm planning to use both and even pay for both for a few months but hope to switch entirely over to Fastmail in the coming year.
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