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Originally Posted by greve View Post
a) Do you mind telling us how you think this could be improved?
b) Would you mind telling which From and Date the message had and where you sent it to so I can investigate?
c) Will keep an eye out for how often this is getting requested.
d) What is the privacy & security enhancing use case you're looking for in enabling full DSN reporting to any sender?
a) I don't get why a service geared to professionals would use an @mykolab addresses, so I don't get why a personal domain is not automatically included. How many users do you have that use only an @mykolab email? You are in Switzerland so I guess you have some people paying for @mykolab. I would never pay for email that is at/promoting someone else's domain.

b) I saw the original post by like1980 and immediately checked your web site, and sent a message. Exact time I can't remember. Should have been 9 or 10 August.

c) Not many people would request full access to email logs. Most would look up features on the web site and if it is not mentioned not bother asking, and moving elsewhere. You have a pretty dedicated crowd here on EMD who speak out. Also, several pro services offer mail logs to their customers. As I said, you are obliged to have them by law for the law anyway, why not make them available to your users and keep it secret?

d) not looking for added security/privacy with DSN, more a question of convenience. I used it for many years before switching to full mail logs. Why?

Right now people (wrongly) assume a mail arrives at destination when there is not a return with a failed sending message. Plenty of things can go wrong for an "error" dsn to not be produced, and increasingly people use the saying "I didn't get your email" instead of admitting "my anti spam is wrongly configured, or I just deleted your email because I don't care, or I am lazy and your email is still sitting in my mailbox but I don't want to admit to that so it is your email that didn't arrive, or I want to win some time so waited till you call me and then still have to send the mail again before requiring my reply, etc". See the contact form I filled in at mykolab that didn't get attended for which you mention it slipped through the cracks ... If all email services would have DSN on all email, that would help remove a lot of the "human" email problems and spam. Arguably it would add to bandwidth and server processes as well, and many custom mail services have DSN turned off or not at all. I know one canton that explicitly removed DSN because they felt their citizens could use it to "prove" they sent a message to a cantonal department, so removed DSN to protect themselves from being judged by their citizens if they didn't respond to an email.

I do like the feature and considered it essential for many years to have at least a confirmation that a mail was successfully sent. Complete email logs serve that purpose to me now. I *know* when an email I sent was badly managed once it left my smtp server, or when I messed up an email I *should* have received. I *know* I didn't receive any feedback from mykolab since it is not featuring in my mail log files :-) Doesn't mean it wasn't sent (DSN if enabled would prove that), but does show I didn't get a message.

Anyway, back to topic, a mail service that doesn't provide my mail log files which they have anyway doesn't get a chance at getting my custom. Period.
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