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My FM support ticket has been handled by Kurian. Here's what he had to say on 2019-07-15 about the Mimecast report:
Originally Posted by Kurian
Odd. That indicates that they have received spam from our servers. I'll have a look at our abuse report queue to see if there is an unusual amount of spam reports for that domain.
And shortly afterwards,
Originally Posted by Kurian
That 'First report' timestamp is something that surprised me. They really shouldn't be tracking that long to see whether a host is compromised or spammy, but I guess it all depends on how their algorithm treats the first report incident, and the earlier ones. It would be good to know how their systems work (like how many total incidents, incidents within the last month, and within the last week).

I just went through our abuse queue and didn't find anything about, so can't tell whats going on by looking just at the things at our end..
I've put supplementary questions to the operator who handled my support request at Mimecast. It took a while before I received a response to the support request I submitted to them. If I get a reply to my supplementaries I'll report it here.

BritTim, are you having a dig at 'Minecast'?
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