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I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that my recipients or the rest of the email subscribers on this domain are stupid, but they are perhaps naive, ignorant and blasť about computing and email issues such as this one. To the contrary, the leaders of this service industry are among the most intelligent people anyone could hope to meet.

In putting my service ticket to Fastmail I was not hoping that Fastmail would change its outgoing email settings and stoop to lower standards. Rather, I would much prefer they contact the administrators of this domain to set them on a path to better ways. That way everyone benefits.

As mentioned in an earlier post to this thread, the management of email services provided at this domain used to be atrociously lax. Not for a short time either, it went on for many years. Its subscribers pay a pretty penny for it and for years received rubbish, I think they still do. Having seen first hand the targeted spam arriving in at least one subscriber's inbox, and given the extreme sensitivity of the information flowing through the email accounts of its subscribers, I was aghast that this shocking state of affairs endured for so long.

Fastmail's HQ is in the very same city where this disparate bunch of service industry workers is based. If the board overseeing the provision of services like email accounts to its members was to engage Fastmail as a service provider a lot of problems would be solved. If anyone at FM still reads these forums, this is business that would be well worth your while to try to win.
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