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It is possible, I guess, though that is not my first idea. Anyway, you could check out that theory by creating an alias in one of the rarely used FastMail domains and see if the same issue exists when sending using the alias.
How can one determine which FM domains are rarely used? Mine is; in my small circle of email correspondence I've not seen anyone else using it.

More often, spam checks are based on message content, and the IP address of the sending server. This is augmented with checks on things like DMARC, SPF and DKIM.
It's hard to imagine how either of the recipients of my rejected messages could have identified them as spam, but I've no idea how server level filters grade content. The email rejected in May 2019 was sent to less than a dozen addresses as bcc. The email rejected this week was sent to a single address. Both messages contained links to third party websites, maybe that was flagged by the spam filter. Both were plain text and sans attachments.

As for SPF, DKIM and DMARC, they are beyond my control and well beyond my very modest technical capacity (thanks, though, for alerting me to their existence). Should they need to be addressed that would be something I would expect FM administrators to handle.

Last night I received a response from FM about my support ticket. The matter has been passed to FM's 'senior agents' for investigation.
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