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Hi mikev99

Well, this depends on what you mean by “same functionality”, but I’ve tried Airmail and Postbox so far. Both of them look pretty, but both of them have their oddities you won’t might like.

Airmail creates some imap folders on your mail server which are used for its features like snoozing, to-do, etc. Those might be disturbing when you access your mails by the web or other imap clients. Besides this I’ve heard that it runs into trouble when you have a really large amount of emails, but this I can’t confirm.

Postbox some kind of needs getting used to, but it runs quite reliable also with a big number of mails. But there are some little glitches with the interface, e.g. sometimes the contacts suggestion list simply won’t pop up when typing something in the address field.

Well, and of course you can give the free and open-source Thunderbird a try.


[EDIT] P.S. For my FastMail account, I definitely prefer the FastMail web client.

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