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Back to the original question, new single users of G Suite are offered 30GB for $5 per month or 1TB for $10 per month. It is not easy to answer how to do anything with G Suite correctly. They have lots of online resources with written answers and you need to refer to them frequently. Frankly, that it is one thing I don't like about G Suite--it is not the easiest to do many things in the backend. I suppose once you have everything set up it operates about the same as the consumer, free version, but backend controls can be obscure. For example, I signed up for what I thought was going to be a Google hosted domain, but instead it was hosted by eNom. That wasn't clear to me from the various instructions I read. It is not the regular eNom portal you go to, and various domain settings and controls that you would normally expect to have are not available--or at least not apparent. Like, how do you get the code needed to move your domain off of eNom? Apparently you need to request one from Google somehow.
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