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in fact the only opposition I've ever encountered from friends, family, and clients in this area is a reluctance to spend the money on external hard drives or cloud-based backup services, but that ultimately comes down to the question of how much your data is worth to you.
Then you have different family and friends than I do! I can't even get my employer to invest in a proper backup system. My father has lost multiple computers over the past ten years due to one failure or another, and any sort of actual backup system or routine is beyond him--way too technical. Even if I set it up for him he would manage to disable it or change the settings within a day or two rendering it useless. For that matter, I have found my own backup systems require monitoring and periodically fail for one reason or another. For example, where I live the power and/or Internet go out regularly, requiring resetting of modems, relogging in, etc. In any case, this is why I think for many people the ideal is a Chromebook where your stuff is stored in the cloud and reasonably secure compared to the typical problems that befall local storage.
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