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Originally Posted by Pfolson View Post
I don't think so. I was using with the app-specific password up until this push glitch appeared. I tried a couple of things to make it work -- turning it off and back on, erasing it from the phone and recreating it from scratch, but the push problems continued. It was only then that I recreated my old account and started using that instead.

I never deleted the app-specific password that I set up for my iPhone when I first switched to It is still listed on the FastMail settings page, along with all the other app passwords I set up for various computers and e-mail clients. Yet despite that, is working fine.

One other thought -- are you using your iOS app password for other things? CalDav, perhaps? I only use mine for mail. If you are also using it for Calendar, could that be causing the conflict between "old" and "new?"
Ah I managed to solve it.
It was written on this page:
Push unavailable on iOS

This issue tends to surface just after setting up a new profile/updating a profile. Push actually is available. You may need to force-quit the mail app, and/or force-quit the iOS settings app in order to encourage it to recognise how push-y we really are.
I force quit several times the Mail app and the settings app, and retrieve some emails, and then the Push option appears again !
Now I got notifications on subfolders by using instead of

Thanks for the workaround !
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