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Originally Posted by Pfolson View Post
That's right. Although as you can see from that thread, it's one of the improvements some of us have been waiting for ever since the apps were released.

Frankly, I've kind of given up waiting, since it was mentioned by FM staff soon after the apps were unveiled but has not yet arrived and has never been mentioned again. In the meantime, I've grown quite happy with push on IOS Mail. With the combination of push and some of the general improvements that Apple has added to Mail these past few years, that client is just about all I could wish for when it comes to managing mobile e-mail.

As you can tell, subfolder notifications are kind of a deal-breaker for me. I don't mind checking out clients without it, and I have tried a number of times over the years to adjust my workflow to use other methods -- namely, the Gmail (and now FastMail) model of having all mail delivered to the Inbox and using archive and search to find old messages. But in the end I always go back to my old-school "many folders" approach, and because of that I need those notifications.

I'm relieved that I can still use to receive push notifications during this current IOS "glitch."
I've tried replacing by but the Push option is then not longer available !
How have you managed to revert to the old method ?

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