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Originally Posted by Just Bill View Post
I started using Runbox when the U.S. Government decided that email wasn't private [...] Functionality and good support has proven to be excellent and the company and servers are in Norway. Best of all, the company respects my privacy.Right now, it's the best email option.

At first I discarded RunBox because of client setup issues (unclear SSL configuration parameters and password propagation delays). Not that I could not configure it, but I saw the problems as a bad omen. After a few days I came back due to lack of viable options, as there are very few email providers worth the name in Europe.

Runbox offers privacy and most optional features I need. It sports a fast, easy to use, no-frills Web 1.0 interface. Green energy and staff-ownership are welcome bonuses.
I cannot comment on the availability as I just subscribed, but feature and performance-wise I would definitely suggest it the average user.
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