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Thumbs up Belated Thanks to Liz !

Belated Thanks to Liz

On the 4th September, I set up a Runbox account....

Quite quickly, due to frustations with sending mail (I could not !) through Thunderbird, I was ready to throw in the towel, and asked for my money back under the 60 day money back guarantee....

However, Liz at Runbox was fantastically helpful, and got me sorted pretty quickly...What REALLY stood out though was the time of Liz' help :

I was emailing Runbox around 2300 / Midnight here in England, and with Oslo time being an hour later, I was fully expecting to have to wait at least 10 - 12 hours for a reply....But NO, Liz' was replying around 5 - 10 minutes after I was emailing her ! Not only is that VERY Impressive, but that is GREAT SERVICE

How is the Insomnia by the way, Liz ?

As someone who detests webmail services like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, I always try to use "proper" email services, especially as I have my own domain...

Having tried Fastmail and Mailsnare, I have to say that Runbox is definitely the pick of the bunch right now, and gives very good value for money.

Not knocking Fastmail & Mailsnare, which are very good services in their own right, but for me, Runbox is the market leader right now...

Its versatility is great - Having read the forum previously, I have set up the "Spam" and "NotInWhitelist" folders, which work pretty much perfectly ( THANK YOU RICH CARVER ! ...)

Important emails get forwarded in a timely manner to my work email address (VERY useful when your employer blocks all internet access !)

The ability to use both IMAP & POP side by side is fantastic. I much prefer IMAP for home use, but my current mobile phone only has a POP client....With Runbox, this doesnt matter a jot, as I can still check my email on my phone when not at home (Fastmail for example only offer POP access at certain membership levels, definitely not the guest or "member" level, which is my current level of account with them)

I am going to Prague next Wednesday for a week, and while there, I use a local pre-pay mobile phone SIM Card, "Oskarta" from the "Oskar" network, which offers mobile phone email - they give you an email address which sends / receives emails directly to / from your mobile...

Having set up a simple couple of filters, and tested them out yesterday, I am obviously happy to report that 100% of the desired emails were successfully forwarded from my runbox account to my mobile phone email address, therefore giving me confidence that I will receive anything important while I am away.

For the Price V. storage & facilities offered, Runbox is definitely number one at this moment in time (For the same price as Runbox, as I had to pay extra for domain hosting, Mailsnare offer 90MB for email, and 10MB for file storage...)

Keep up the great work guys & gals, and thank you one again !

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