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Well I am unsure how long I have had my runbox accounts, but I find that even with the time difference between oslo and melbourne, there is usually a quick response (I am sure some staff sleep with one eye on the screen); the responses are friendly, and most of all, NO SPAM.. clear interfaces, and the choice of fast.runbox if you are really pushed for time; well there are always problems with computing; I have NEVER lost data, and I use the files, and most of the facilities available to non Norwegian residents, without hassles.
After finding that good free services were being withdrawn, I have never regretted converting to the paid service, even with the occasional hitch.
And NO, I do not receive anything extra, I just pay for what I use, and I can recommend that if you are having troubles with your ISP considering moving "downunder" . I know fastmail is popular, but the benefits for me moving about are so much better , I have stayed with runbox..
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