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Originally Posted by janusz View Post
Your arguments, ioneja, are not of technical nature, they are based on your idea of best working practices, including "don't be a hog".
Yep, my POV is entirely based on best working practices and the reality of working with super large files with lots of clients and projects over the years. I've probably tried every service out there, and every single one has issues. And yes, "don't be a hog" - lol. As for a technical reason why email wouldn't work, I can't give one.

And I agree with those that find this whole thing frustrating at times. I don't know how many times I've had to step a client through the process of sending me large files, and there is no magic bullet. So I tend to just use all the major services and whichever one my client gravitates to, is the one our particular relationship defaults to. It's occasionally messy.

Going back to best practices and trying to be relevant to the OP, my main point is to choose a file sharing platform that the whole party/group can agree upon, and try to stick with it... and that email itself is not going to cut it in the current practical world we live in, when dealing with really large files. So might as well just get on with it, and pick a system and then support each other to make use of those tools. Get the job done, right?

Ideally, there would be one universal protocol that is widely understood, implemented and accepted, with no additional accounts or tools, that could do it all seamlessly, but we're not there yet.
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