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Originally Posted by noclue View Post
This was the reply from support:

"I am sorry for the inconveniences caused. To investigate the issue further could you please re-register with the email address: subscribe((at)) and let us know if you can receive the newsletters."

Does he mean to create a separate account entirely? A separate address just for newsletters?
noclue: I recommend you go back and edit this post, changing your email address perhaps as I did in the quote, so that it is not available to spammers' robots which scan billions of web pages looking for anything that appears to be an email address.

In relation to your question, I would guess that your email address at Fastmail, or one of your aliases there, is jgranney((at)) This allows you to receive email at anything((at)) Look in Fastmail help pages for "subdomain addressing". That is not a separate account, just a different address which delivers to your existing account.
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