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Round-up of service reps -- February 2008 (part 1)

These are all the ones I know about, there may be others...

(Nearly three years later than I intended, but still...)

As before, this time around I have deleted all those I know about where the service has died; and where the service is moribund or the rep hasn't visited EMD in far too long (it's usually both), I've marked the service in red.

As always, these lists are E&OE; any corrections are welcome. William Holmes gisarah (service still active but rep last here in 2004) rob_au, jon_au (couldn't confirm jon_au's status as there don't seem to be any posts by him)

BurntMail: ckirk, line_fault

CentralPets: Roger (last here in 2002)

CheckP3 (email client provider) (last here in 2004 -- note that web page is mostly in Italian) stevew (last posted here in 2002. Love their use of the Spectrum font, but their claim of "Email vastly superior to AOL, Hotmail & Yahoo" isn't saying much.) WendyB (last here in 2003; on 2008/1/2 @ 02:10, site was just a directory, but this might just be a glitch) btn, tkallen78 (just one post, back in 2004) Fahd (last post was in 2005. WARNING: when I visited homepage, it linked to notorious spyware site "Cursor Mania") spiderman hackish (AFAIK doesn't check these forums; appeared once because his service was mistaken for the one below. When opened on 2008/2/2 @02:33, was slow to open.) Jeremy Howard, robmueller, kurianja, Onno, sam_watkins, rjlov, masta (no longer active), brong, Cory Johns (note that apart from Jeremy and Rob, some of these may be no longer active -- best go through the support channels) (spam filtering service): FilterMy (last posted in 2004) FreePop3 (last posted in 2004) bryanh, plathem Galaway (last here in 2005: domain expired 21 January) Gawab (warning, listed on RFC-Ignorant; some bulletin boards reject signups from this domain) gishpuppy (last here in 2004) Eric Savage (last here in 2004) Hektor (last here in 2005) Hypewise (only post was in 2003) KalvinB (regards his users as "leeches", and made posts full of logic errors; also appears to have left EMD and not come back; none of which bodes well for the soundness of his service) imap4all (last here in 2005) : MikeF (last here in 2003) rbpickup jlnt Killer (note that the domain space is long-dead) root (there seems to be a certificate problem, at least when the site is viewed with Firefox)

MailAndNews.*: see ShanjeMail (spam-filtering service): OutboundIndex (last here 2004)

Mailsnare: Madiver, Allan mochamail (last here in 2002)

ModoMail: ModoEd, modovlad (couldn't connect) terrymechan (last here in 2004)

NameCheap: enetwork (last here in 2003)

OnlineHomeBase: marcfest (only one EMD post, in 2003) marsel (marsel appears to have been a phatcom reseller; I don't think he is any longer) rikk, PlaxoPrivacy, redgee (user no longer exists) (last here 2005)

POP Peeper (email notifier): Sirath

Runbox: Liz, Geir, Arunav (no longer active), hanslysglimt, trond, sigurdur, tore, jschreib, Trip

(continued in following post)

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