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Originally Posted by Mr David View Post
As for SPF, DKIM and DMARC, they are beyond my control and well beyond my very modest technical capacity (thanks, though, for alerting me to their existence). Should they need to be addressed that would be something I would expect FM administrators to handle..
The settings FastMail uses for these on its domains are perfectly reasonable. It is pointless to ask FastMail to change them because a small number of recipient servers apply unreasonable restrictions on the DMARC settings they will allow. One site that is known to often reject messages from FastMail is Craigslist, and it is simple ignorance on their part that leads to the problem.

In the case of Minecast, their documentation suggests there are often ways of addressing the issue at the recipient's end, but you have indicated that your recipients are too stupid to be able to apply the necessary settings. I sympathise as I have very occasionally met with recipients who do not want to go to the trouble of resolving such issues, and do not want to give me access to their accounts so I can fix the problem for them.
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