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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
I understand--the domain email thing is why I think there are only two really good ecosystems for small businesses--Microsoft and Google.
Hi TenFour,

It's clear from your post that you have used Microsoft and Google for business, but is your opinion based on also actually having used Apple for business?

I ask because, where I live, and in our sector, there are an awful lot of small businesses using the Apple ecosystem.

I've yet to see a reason why Apple + FastMail (plus Dropbox, which has become ubiquitous regardless of ecosystem) is inferior to Microsoft or Google for e-mail communication.

As for productivity tools, if one is used to the Apple ecosystem and its tools (Pages, Numbers, Notes, Keynote, Calendar, Contacts), bringing in Microsoft or Google tools introduces a new learning curve, and probable fragmentation, for no apparent reason.

I also think that there is a deeper issue, which is whether a technical issue like e-mail should be driving ecosystem decisions. I think not, especially given that for many businesses the role of e-mail is changing. In our case, we'll use e-mail for external written communication, but for internal written communication we're going to use Workplace by Facebook messaging. If you aren't familiar with it, it's like Slack except with a very familiar interface. If you aren't familiar with Slack, we're running into a generational issue.

I'm just not prepared to let e-mail, a single tool, drive fundamental decisions about how work gets done.

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