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FWIW they "fixed" the case where a subfolder of Spam looked like the Spam folder with the same buttons. Now Spam subfolders are just standard "normal" folders.

I would have preferred that subfolders inherit their parent's attributes so that a subfolder of spam were treated (at least for the buttons and viewing) like the Spam folder itself. The classifying of stuff in these subfolders as spam when you delete from there wasn't too important since we have a folder's Spam Learning setting to cover that.

Since they took the spam subject prefix option out I would like to see the spam badge they now use also show in the spam subfolders. I already had a related ticket so I used it to suggest to them to replace the Spam Protection option they took out with a checkbox option to enable/disable the badge everywhere or better yet a folders setting to control the spam score badge on a per folder basis. Never hurts to ask!
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