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Originally Posted by JamieKitson View Post
I don't know if anyone else has achieved this yet, but I have been trying for months and months and have finally got CardDAV working on Windows Phone 8.1.
  1. Add an iCloud account.
  2. Set the email address to your fastmail email address, but add "+Default" after the name part so you have, for example "[email protected]".
  3. Put in your password (if you're not aware you can create an alternate login for this so you don't have to use your master password).
Replace line 3 with a New App Password in the App Passwords section. Choose CardDAV as the type of data this app needs access to.
  1. Tap "sign in".
  2. Tap the newly created iCloud account.
  3. Change the account name to something meaningful.
  4. Make sure Contacts is ticked to sync.
  5. Untick sync Calendar.
  6. Tap "advanced settings" at the bottom of the page.
  7. Edit the "Contacts server (CardDAV)" to:
    "[email protected]/Default"
    Obviously changing "[email protected]" as appropriate. Note the missing "https://" and the added port number.
7. You can also use the new domain here: instead of

  1. Tap the tick to save your changes.
  2. Your Fastmail contacts should now sync.
Note that you can't use the same account instance on your phone for both Calendar and Contacts because the usernames are different.
Works also on Windows Mobile 10.

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