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Version 80.1.2 added back in as a choice, DuckDuckGo. The address bar/search bar also seems to be working properly again. The one thing that keeps me with Firefox Mobile is the ability to Quit the App and delete browsing date on quit. None of the other browsers do that.

I don't get this "Collections" on the home page. I have zero need to "Collect the things that matter to you" "Group together similar searches, sites and tabs for quick access later."

There are three Icons also shown on the "new" home page; Google, Top Articles, Wikipedia. The first, I don't use Google to search, even if I did I'd use the search/address bar. The second goes to some pocket site, to avoid injecting politics, I'll just say it is very, very one sided. The last? Well maybe there are folks who like searching Wikipedia, me... no much. I see no way to add others... check that, discovered you can using "Add to top sites"

One annoying thing I discovered after the fact. I had three folder groups on my cell phone home screen, with several links saved in each, they are also gone, guess they too go wiped during the migration. Unfortunately some of those I did not have bookmarks for, recreating will be a bit more difficult.

This has happened before with Firefox. I always managed to adapt and learn to like the changes on those previous "downgrades". Only time will tell if the same happens with this "upgrade".

I was not aware the Edge was available on Mobile, I "may" give that a try.
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